BLUE SKY THEORY is an alternative metal band from Germany. Founded by lead guitar player Ben in 2014.

After several different line ups, live shows and a studio recording session the band found the perfect voice for the sound of BLUE SKY THEORY with leadsinger Patrick and played their first gig together in October 2015.

Shortly after that, the band went to the Kohlekeller Studios near Frankfurt and recorded their 9-track debut album CASSANDRA. In regard to the band´s motto “anything goes” – there are no limits regarding to BLUE SKY THEORY´s songwriting. From groovy ¾ tracks up to straight and fast songs provided by heavy guitar riffs or even traditional powerbalads – the debut LP CASSANDRA exposes the wide range of BLUE SKY THEORY´s capabilities.

So does the voice of Patrick Timmermann also range from hard and screams to bright and soft.

For the band BLUE SKY THEORY it was certain to claim great live shows beyond the music. Not only for the audience but for themselves to keep the performance always varied.  So don´t miss when BLUE SKY THEORY comes to a town near you.


"The underground still lives and continues to give birth to great albums that must not go unnoticed." ( 9/10)

„Singer Patrick appears to be able to bend his voice to the tone that each specific song requires. He has range, he has melody and power.“(
"It may not be the theory of gravity or the theory of relativity but it is one hell of a theory, one that comes highly recommended. This is a great debut album, it isn’t often we   hear debuts that sounds this good – don’t miss it." (Daniel Källmalm, Sweden 5/7)



LEAD GUITAR / Backing Vocals / Screams














RYTHM GUITAR / Backing Vocals